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The author of this blog is Frans Couwenbergh, a Dutchman who for many years has been actively following scientific progress in many disciplines, with the goal of integrating these scientific insights into one unique, new, ground-breaking concept of Humanosophy.

Let me tell you some more about my personality.
I’m 77 years old. I started my scientific life as a catholic boy who wanted to be a missionary. So in a clerical boarding-school. As an adolescent I started to think independently and I concluded for myself that there is no God. From that moment on I wanted to know how we became humans, when we are not created. No reason to leave the clerical school, however, because I was such a cultural boy and liked to make poems, to sing in the choir, to write for and act on stage, to sport and above all things: to make portraits. I ended my secondary education on a normal school and studied literature on university; but still doing all those things more than studying. Nevertheless I took my doctoral certificate and became a secondary school teacher. But still doing all those cultural things. As a student I had already a nice portraitist studio, and clients. But after the doctoral (1964) the real life started, with marriage and (2) children. Being an artist only in the holidays and writing and directing plays for school.
Still more left-wing stage plays. In the seventies I was a left-wing activist. The right-wing school director succeeded in the end to effectuate my discharge, which I underwent whistling. I became fulltime portraitist; and still I am.
In my school classes I had already a paper for my pupils with the story of how we, apes from origin, became humans (one of the real reasons of my discharge). My third marriage (all really good wives but I’m not really a good husband: always busy with other things) ended with the passing away of her only child, the lovely Cleo (1992). I had been a devoted surrogate father for ten years, a better father than I had been for my own two children; and now I got a sea of time. I first started a portrait artist association (still functioning) and then (1993) I became a humanosopher.
So I am a portraitist and a humanosopher at the same time of my days and life. I mostly work (2 or 3 days a week) in an amusement park, where I hang my portraits, and when there are no clients, I study. Nice environment: no wind, no rain, no cold, music, supermarket nearby, a portraitists/humanosophers heaven. I am a really happy man.
Question. Is a humanopsopher left-wing? I think so. As left-wing as Diderot and Kant and Adam Smith. And Homo erectus.

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Used abbreviations

GHs: gatherers/hunters (the phase from 2 million years ago to 10.000 years ago)

AGRs: agriculturers (the phase from 10.000 years ago till now)

NT(s)Neanderthal people

MSA(s): Middle Stone Age people (African NTs)

AMH(s): Anatomical Modern Humans (H sapiens people), like we are

(m)ya: (million) years ago

ANBOs: Ancestor Bonobos (ape-men), our earliest human ancestors

Paleos: all scientists that are important for our story.